What is Itsycal?

Itsycal is a menu bar calendar for macOS that is very compact. It is an always-available supplement to the Calendar app that is already built into the device and has sufficient features for regular use. Additionally, there is strong support for keyboards, and the application is fully integrated with Calendar, making it simple to test.

The app seamlessly integrates with Mac’s stock Calendar, consumes minimal CPU even when actively used, and sports a user-friendly UI.

Furthermore, Your schedule can be displayed alongside the Mac Calendar app if you like. Events can be made, removed, and deleted (but not modified). In short, our application integrates with your calendar to make your lives easier.

Key features of Itsycal

– Simple and uncluttered user interface

– Displays your appointments alongside Mac’s built-in Calendar application (displayed in a list format)

– Allows you to display future appointments only while hiding past events and tasks from the current date onward

– Creates new events with a single click and lets you modify them just as easily

– Allows you to rename and add notes to existing events

– Allows you to toggle between future and past appointments using the mouse or keyboard arrow keys (and vice versa)

– Automatically syncs with Apple Calendar and provides the option to sync as well manually

– Supports various keyboard shortcuts and can be accessed from the menu bar, Dock, and even from within other applications

– Can display your calendar in list view, grid view, or both at the same time

– Provides a detailed list of your events (with color coding ability to view/sort by year, day, week, and month) that you can opt to show or hide as needed

– Allows you to add and manage events using a variety of methods (e.g., adding events from a menu or drag-and-dropping them from the list)

– Keeps track of meeting duration times and allows you to set start and end times for events

– Allows you to assign tasks to events, set reminders, set alerts, and share events with other users

– Allows you to create meetings using a simple form that can be customized with name, date, location, description, and others

– Integrates with Apple’s Siri allowing you to create events via voice command. The feature can also be used to view upcoming events from a list of scheduled events

It is worth noting, however, that Apple is moving away from including native apps on its systems as it focuses more on services than individual applications. Siri, for example, is a “personal assistant” that utilizes voice recognition and natural language processing to answer questions and perform commands based on the user’s spoken queries. To a certain extent, this is also the case with Apple’s Calendar app. 

How do you access and customize itsycal Settings?

The Preferences panel is where all of Itsycal’s options may be found. To access the preferences panel, follow the below-mentioned instructions.

  • locate the icon that looks like a small gear to the right of the calendar
  •  Then select Preferences… from the resulting drop-down menu. 
  • The panel for configuring preferences will open up.

Advantages of using Itsycal

There seem to be three main advantages to using Itsycal instead of the native Calendar app that comes pre-installed on most Macs. 

  • The first is that it is free, unlike many competing calendars of this type. 
  • The second is its cross-platform compatibility. On its website, the company claims that it is available for Windows and Android as well as iOS. 
  • The third advantage has to do with its design. 

This app sports a minimalist design that perfectly blends in with the rest of the operating system. In other words, it does not look like an “add-on” that was installed on top of the system; it looks like it has always been there. This makes it very easy to use because users will not be distracted by the app’s design. In fact, the design is so minimal that it does not even appear on the main menu by default. Instead, it is accessed from the Dock when the user opens a new tab or window. This makes it a very discreet yet convenient tool to use on a regular basis as it perfectly integrates with the calendar.


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