Have a Corrupted Hard Drive? Try DiskWarrior

Have a Corrupted Hard Drive? Try DiskWarrior

All your saved documents and sensitive data will disappear completely if your macOS goes haywire. For instance,  the movies you like to watch on your weekends and the video clips of your kid walking for the first time will be lost. 

There are two ways to ensure you don’t lose valuable data if your system fails. Back up your system files regularly, and use software to diagnose and fix the issues that lead to chaos.

If you experience such type of situation, don’t panic because DiskWarrior will recover your lost files, documents, pictures, videos, or any other software that was previously corrupted. Moreover, most of the times you experience this situation your Mac might tell you that you need to “Initialize Disk” which would erase all the data in your disk.

Say Good Bye to CDs and Start Embracing Flash Drive

Since the launch of DiskWarrior, there have been many updates in this essential software and the company keeps incorporating more and more useful features into it. The most visible update in this software is it no longer comes on the CD.

Instead, it comes with a bootable flash drive. You can boot the software from the flash drive to repair your corrupted drive. If you want to work on any other connected disk, you can install the software on your Mac and run it from there.

Nevertheless, since the working procedure of Mac has changed completely in the last few years, you can only start up your computer from the flash drive if it was originally delivered with OS X 10.4, 10.5, or 10.6. 

To boot DIskWarrior from the Flash Drive on your latest mac edition, you first have to boot your Recovery partition because only then you can run the terminal command to launch the software. Aside from that, you can use the DiskWarrior Recover Maker to update the flash drive so it can boot Mac directly.

When you boot from an updated flash drive that is a replica of your Recovery partition, DiskWarrior appears in the OS X Utilities Windows in that case. Click on it to launch it, and then select a disk to optimize, analyze, and repair.

DiskWarrior displays a directory optimization index for each drive. ‘Green’ is a good signal and it indicates the directory is not fragmented. This is a good time to run DIskWarrior to offset the potential threat of any unexpected threat that could affect an entire system.

On the other hand, ‘red’ indicates you need to run DIskWarrior both to make the directory more efficient and fixing problems that could become problematic.

DiskWarrior checks all the files that could damage your system down the line and check the driver for their SMART status, even automatically in the background and without affecting the system’s overall performance. Moreover, it can work with FileVault encrypted devices; click on the Unlock button on the DiskWarrior Window and insert your FileVault password so the utility can thoroughly scan the drive.  

Benefits of DiskWarrior

DiskWarrior Backs Up Your Mac 

You might have experienced a situation where you attempted to open a document but failed to do so. On top of that, you were disappointed to see the color wheel that kept spinning continuously. Furthermore, what’s more, annoying in that situation is that your Mac stopped working, your external hard drive disappeared completely, your favorite music was not working, and every time you tried to open your picture, your mac crashed.

The scenario discussed above is indicative of directory damage or even a pending drive failure.

DiskWarrior Can Repair Disk and Emulates Oher Utility Program

With a single click, DiskWarrior can thoroughly scan the damaged directory and identify all the salvaged files and folders. As a result, you’ll end up with an error-free open directory that is ready to use.

DiskWarrior Fixes Cryptic Errors Identified by the Disk Utility

Mac users often receive messages such as “Invalid node structure” and “Keys out of order” that might seem mysterious and even terrifying to naïve users. Eventually, DiskWarrior can fix all these errors and prevent the system from others that might occur in the future.

You Can Check Your Recovered Documents

DiskWarrior patented preview feature allows you to see how your disk will appear upon repair but before any noticeable changes are made to the system. Above all, you can compare the disk in both damaged and repaired state which will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the utility performance.

Safe to Use

DiskWarrior scans your reported directory to ensure it doesn’t contain any malicious or infected files. It then employs a fail-safe method of replacing the directory to prevent your system from the potential threat of interruptions like power outages or malicious attacks.

DiskWarrior Monitors Your Device Health

Leveraging its SMART technology, DIskWarrior automatically tests your system and notifies you regarding forthcoming drive malfunctions. Eventually, you can back up your essential files before the drive fails.

DiskWarrior Can Recover Your Data from a Failing Drive

To harness the full potential of this feature, all you need to do is to plug a new hard drive into your Mac. DiskWarrior will automatically copy uninfected files from your failing hard drive to your new drive. No bad blocks, bad sectors, and media errors can prevent DiskWarrior from working seamlessly.

DiskWarrior Identifies Common File Problems

File paths, permissions, invalid plists, and other issues are tested earlier to ensure your files are available when you need them.

Exceptional Support

DiskWarrior distributor Alsoft offers exceptional support that is free and unmatchable. All their support technicians are data recovery specialists and are familiar with the disks and disk directory structures from both inside and outside.

In the rare situation where DIskWarrior fails to recover your data, their technicians can recover your data remotely. As a result, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by not taking the service of data recovery specialists.

DIskWarrior is the Highest Rated Repair and Recovery Program

Granted a 5-star rating for 3rd consecutive time by Macworld for unprecedented performance. Included in the iMore.com 2015 Hall of Fame as it saved countless Mac users from a serious headache. Since 1998, DiskWarrior has received more rewards than any other Mac utility.


DiskWarrior 5 is a little bit more finicky than its predecessors. The type and size of your drive will determine the speed and performance of Disk Warrior. It won’t take more than five minutes to run through your iMac’s SSD if you are using the latest version of the Mac.

What If Your Mac Doesn’t Boot Up?

Often times your Mac doesn’t boot up, it might be due to your driver directory getting damaged. Since there are other utility tools as well, DiskWarrior can handle this problem in a completely different and least harmful way.

DiskWarrior analyzes your directory data for invalid data or corruptions, it then attempts to rebuild the directory structure to fix this issue. Thus, allowing you to reboot when the directory has been repaired and replaced. This process is incredibly fast and will get your Mac up and running in a matter of a few minutes.

If your Mac could not boot into the operating system, you can run DiskWarrior. In 20 minutes, you’ll find that your Mac is backed up and running perfectly. Had the DiskWarrior not been invented, you would have caught up in serious trouble. Furthermore, you have to reinstall the operating system which costs you both time and frustration.  

How to Create a DiskWarrior Flash Drive?

  1. Connect the DIskWarrior USB Flash Drive to your Mac or download Diskwarrior Recovery Maker.
  2. Open the DiskWarrior Recovery Maker folder.diskwarrior
  3. Double-click on the ‘DiskWarrior Recovery Folder’ and click the ‘open.’diskwarrior
  4. Hit the ‘OK’ button to launch DiskWarrior.diskwarrior
  5. Ensure all the fields are already filled in the application.diskwarrior
  6. Hit the “Create” or “Recreate” option.


8. Enter the Mac password.


9. Wait till the completion of creation process.



DiskWarrior is an exceptional Mac utility. Ahead of using this utility, make sure to back up your system and software on a regular basis, specifically if your DiskWarrior could not repair a badly damaged disk. 



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