Facebook Social Toolkit 4.1.8 Plus the License Key

The Facebook Social Toolkit 4.1.8 Crack with License Key is a software package that enables automation with just one click. For this reason, many users who are business owners prefer this software because it saves a lot of time since you can complete numerous Facebook tasks within seconds. 

However, to be able to access these cool features you need a Premium version. Here, we have shared steps on how to crack the toolkit for Facebook license key to help you access all the features found on the Premium version. 

The Toolkit for Facebook License Key has gained popularity among Facebook users across the globe because it enables users to automatically multitask with one click. Once you are on the Facebook platform, this extension aids in accomplishing various tasks such as: 

  • Respond to all friend requests with one click (Accept or reject) 
  • Send a note to all Facebook friends 
  • Promote your event to all your friends 
  • Delete all groups 
  • Invite all your friends to join a group 
  • Unlike all pages
  • Delete all comments 

Toolkit for Facebook License Key 2022 Free Download 

If you don’t have the Premium version of Toolkit for Facebook Licence key, you can use Tech Tool Pro Crack. Although it is a cracked version, it works great and will provide you with a large number of automation tools to be used in various events. 

Main Features of Toolkit for Facebook Licence Key for 2022

  • Reject all Facebook friends at once 
  • Accept all Facebook friends with one click 
  • Delete all Facebook friends 
  • Cancel all pending requests 
  • Invite all your friends to join a group 
  • Send multiple friend requests at once
  • Remove all likes from a page at once
  • Unfriend all Facebook friends with a click 
  • Delete all comments 
  • Use Facebook ID Extractor 
  • Post a story to all your Facebook pages
  • Download Facebook videos 
  • Change the group administrator 
  • Suggest your friend to other friends 
  • Transfer group members 
  • Extract phone numbers to all your friends
  • Extract group emails and friends’ emails for campaign purposes 

The Social toolkit helps you perform all these above-mentioned bulk actions plus many more. Although the premium version is not free, we are going to share with you all the possible steps to download this version without having to pay for the license key. Once you install the Tech Tool Pro Crack on your PC or laptop, you can enjoy all the premium features and save time. 

These features make this extension a must-have for your browser. 

System Requirements 

  • Operating system: Windows XP/ Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 512 MB 
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB 
  • Processor: Intel Premium or higher

Why you Need a Facebook Social Toolkit 

Currently, Facebook has over 2 billion users, making it the largest social media platform in the world. If you have an online business, then this is the most reliable and best platform to promote your brand and also conduct other activities. In the past few years, digital marketing has overtaken other forms of advertising, and marketers should make good use of this platform to take their businesses to the next level. 

Download the toolkit for Facebook license key to get all your online activities running smoothly. This software is designed to make your job easier when navigating through the platform. The Facebook social toolkit is a basic extension that most users need to install on their chrome browser. The kit is compiled of various automation tools to help you save time. This wide variety of special features has contributed to the popularity of this software. 

As an online marketer, you probably have realized that there are processes that take a lot of time when you are using Facebook. This toolkit can complete a set of tasks in just a few seconds. 

As mentioned earlier, the toolkit offers several automated features to make your work easier when on Facebook. Let’s discuss these features in detail. 

  • Invite all users to like your page 

An active social media presence is crucial for the success of any online business. When you have a Facebook page, the first thing you want to do is gain more likes and inform everyone about your page. 

If you have a lot of friends or followers, it would be time-consuming to invite each one of them one by one, not to mention the energy needed to do that. However, with this toolkit, you can send out all invitations at once. 

  • Add followers to your groups 

Most brand promoters and marketers agree that Facebook groups are an excellent way to get their businesses seen by many people. A group helps you analyze the response of your members and followers. 

The toolkit for the Facebook license key allows you to add everyone you want at a go, instead of going through a lengthy process which can be sometimes irritating. 

  • Send or accept multiple friend requests 

You need a lot of friends on your Facebook page or Facebook business profile to ensure brand prominence. This improves your networking channel. 

Therefore, you will need to send out friend requests continuously. You will also not want to miss accepting the friend requests you receive. 

The toolkit saves you time by allowing you to send and accept numerous friend requests at once. 

  • Unfriend all at once 

Not all Facebook friends will add value to your business. Sometimes you will find your list is filled with spammers or unwanted people. These could pose a risk to your brand because most of them turn out to be hackers. 

You need to quickly swipe out these profiles. The toolkit makes it easy to unfriend multiple accounts at a click. 

  • Delete all comments at once

We know social media users are not always nice. If you come across abusive comments or irrelevant comments on your page, you can use this tool to delete all comments at once. 

Some people might even use your page to promote their interests, which might be of no benefit to your followers. Use this toolkit to get rid of such comments. 

  • Remove all Facebook groups 

You might feel that you are no longer interested in being an active participant in some of the Facebook groups you follow. It could also be that you receive too many posts or annoying posts from a group you are in. 

Once you change your mind and feel the need to join other relevant niche groups related to your site, the Facebook social toolkit will enable you to remove all these groups just with one click. 

  • Facebook ID extractor 

This lets you extract the IDs of groups, profiles, pages, and events. All you have to do is enter the full URL of the page of your profile and click on the extract ID button. 

The extracted results can be useful in target ad campaigns to attract users. You can also extract the facebook phone numbers of your friends to be used in a targeted audience for campaign purposes. 

Difference Between the Free Version and the Premium Social Toolkit 

The latest free version of the Facebook social toolkit offers several tools. The main features of these automation tools are:

  • Facebook video downloader 
  • Event invitation tool 
  • Friends suggestion tool 
  • Facebook ID Extractor 

As you can see these are limited features. The free version contains only a few features and the other cool features are reserved for premium members. To access all the automated features you will need to upgrade to premium which is more advanced and contains a never-ending list of useful features. 

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the membership fee. We have outlined all the steps you need to download this toolkit for free and unlock the additional features only found on the premium version. 

How to Download Toolkit for Facebook License Key 4.1.8 for Free 

Step 1
Go to the internet and open Google Chrome. 

Step 2
Click on more tools, then click on add-ons 

Step 3
Extract the folder and drag and drop a crx file into the Google Chrome extension page 

Step 4
After opening, follow the instructions to run the crack.

Step 5
Go to the Facebook Toolkit Extension and log in with the specified username and password. 

Step 6
You can now enjoy the premium features.

Tips to Keep in Mind when Downloading 

Once you download the file, it will automatically be stored in a compressed version. So to access the zip file, you will need to install extraction software such as WinRar. 

After opening the extension under chrome, you need to check and tick the developer mode. Once you have installed the toolkit, you can find the tool icon just beside the address bar of your browser. Now, you can just enjoy all the cool premium features of the toolkit. 

Never use this toolkit for illegal and spam purposes on Facebook. 

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